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Drive around St. Petersburg, and you’ll be surprised by just how many homes and commercial buildings are covered in stucco. Stucco is Florida’s exterior finish material of choice. It is inexpensive, fire and earthquake-resistant, performs well in our warm climate, and can strengthen the structure of your property – all while adding aesthetic appeal to your exteriors. More than that, it also lasts longer if properly installed. Stucco has a life expectancy of 50-80 years, which means once you have it applied on your property, you know it will be around for a lifetime.

However, just like other finish materials, stucco also has its fair share of drawbacks. Due to settling and impact damage, stucco can develop cracks, holes, or ugly brown streaks over time. This is where our team steps in!

Stucco Repair St. Petersburg FL is a full-service stucco company specializing in stucco repair for both homes and businesses. With our team of local stucco contractors and extensive experience handling stucco jobs in the area, we can efficiently and adequately take care of all your stucco needs. Contact us today to learn more about our stucco services or to request a stucco repair quote!

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What We Do


Maybe your problems aren’t related to stucco repair. We’ve got great news: our stucco contractors in St. Petersburg are just as skilled in new stucco installation, residential stucco, commercial stucco, stucco painting, and EIFS stucco services.

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We are the best stucco repair company homeowners in St. Petersburg can ever hire. Our deep knowledge, skills, and expertise make it easier for us to repair or install stucco that will give single homes or high-rise condominiums a more distinctive look.

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Our commercial stucco promises beauty and performance. When we perform stucco repair or new stucco installation in your St. Petersburg establishment, you can guarantee a one-of-a-kind exterior that will last for decades. We can stucco museums, theaters, churches, and more!

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Call Stucco Repair St. Petersburg, FL the moment you notice imperfections in your stucco. We have a team of stucco painting contractors who are ready to serve you, regardless of whether your existing stucco paint needs some touch-ups or you want a completely new stucco color for your property.

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If you’re looking for professional stucco contractors who specialize in new stucco installation, stucco repair, stucco painting, and EIFS synthetic stucco, you’re right where you need to be. We are the best stucco contractors you’ll find in the entire St. Petersburg area.

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Stucco Repair St. Petersburg, FL is your one-stop-shop for everything EIFS stucco. Our stucco contractors are proficient in all phases of EIFS and only use materials that are high-quality, durable, and in compliance with the EIFS industry standards.

We offer the most reliable and affordable stucco repair services St. Petersburg residents can get. Contact our team today for a FREE, no-obligation quote!
St. Petersburg Stucco Repair Project

Why Choose Us


Sure, you can go with any stucco repair company you want in St. Petersburg. But when you choose our team, you can guarantee a stucco masterpiece that will perform perfectly and last for many decades to come. Our stucco contractors are certified, equipped, and skilled to leave your commercial or residential property better than when you left it in our hands. Whether you need stucco repair, stucco installation, stucco painting, or EIFS stucco, we will give you the kind of service you deserve.


Stucco is the first choice when you’re looking to increase the durability of your property’s structure and add a distinctive look to it. This cement-based siding is one of the most resilient materials you can ever find on the market and the material that perfectly suits Florida’s warm climate. Composed of specialized cement mix, sand, lime, and water, stucco can last a lifetime if properly installed and as long as you take care of it.

Are we saying that stucco is indestructible? No. While this finishing material boasts a lot of good things, keep in mind that it will still need some love and attention at some point. Due to settling, impact damage, and seasonal weather patterns, stucco can develop issues like stains, cracks, and holes. Those cracks may be tiny, but they can become tomorrow’s biggest problems. They can destroy the overall aesthetics of your home and lead to the appearance of cracked masonry and the failure of structural damp proofing.

Stucco repair is the perfect solution for bringing back the beauty and durability of your damaged stucco. And we are the perfect company in St. Petersburg to provide exactly that.

Whether for exterior, interior, residential, or commercial, our stucco repair team in St. Petersburg will do our magic to fix your damaged stucco surfaces and have your property looking new again. We only use first-rate equipment and materials to ensure the quality of your stucco. 

As a company with countless years of experience in the stucco industry, we understand that stucco jobs are not just jobs that we can rush. It takes skills, training, and superb attention to detail to repair stucco or install new stucco correctly. And we are proud to say we all have those qualities. At the end of the day, our aim is to alleviate your worries and resolve your problems with a fresh coat of stucco. Get in touch with our St. Petersburg, FL team today, and let’s restore your stucco to its original, one-of-a-kind finish.



Stucco has become one of the most popular finishing materials for homes and businesses in Florida. Aside from the fact that it’s incredibly durable and can last for 50-80 years with little maintenance, it can also resist earthquakes and breathe in humid climates like St. Petersburg. Stucco can contract and expand as the temperature changes, reducing the risk of cracking.

Stucco is made of cement, fine sand, and lime mixed with water to form a paste that’s spread over a surface with trowels and, in some instances, sprayed with machines. It can be used in the interior or exterior of a home or commercial building. 

The best thing about stucco is it comes with different finishes, so you can easily find one that matches your property’s overall theme. The most common stucco finishes are:

  • Santa Barbara
  • Dash
  • Cat Face
  • Sand
  • Worm
  • Smooth
  • Spanish Lace

At Stucco Repair St. Petersburg, FL, we have talented stucco contractors who can pull off your dream stucco finish for your home or business.

We at Stucco Repair St. Petersburg, FL have already streamlined our stucco repair process through years of experience and knowledge we have collected along the way. The first thing we will do is evaluate your stucco and identify the cause of the cracks or holes. We will then seal and repair them using our branded materials to prevent further deterioration.

Stucco is undeniably one of the best building materials. Since it is made of cement, sand, and lime, it can stay resilient even in the strongest weather conditions. It can also resist fire, earthquakes, and pests.

But just like other finishing materials, stucco also has its disadvantages. First, it costs more than aluminum, vinyl, and fiber cement. Second, it needs professional installation. And lastly, it requires proper maintenance to meet its 50-80 years life expectancy. Stucco cracks and chips quite quickly and is not that easy to repair, which is why you need an expert stucco repair company that you can always call whenever you need them.

Yes! When used on interior walls, it can give your surface a beautiful stony look that a simple cement finish cannot match. Stucco can also conceal defects on your interior walls, and be a fantastic solution for old plaster walls that are damaged, wavy, and uneven.

Stucco doesn’t usually need replacement because they can last for decades. However, some stucco issues cannot be prevented with regular maintenance and cannot be fixed by a simple stucco repair. One of these is water damage. If your stucco is damaged by water, it needs to be replaced immediately to prevent molds from developing. Your stucco can also be a candidate for replacement if it has significant rumbling.

While we believe in your DIY skills, it is not suggested that you take stucco repair or stucco installation as a DIY project. You need a professional stucco company like Stucco Repair St. Petersburg, FL to ensure that your stucco will look and perform the way you expect it to.

When choosing a stucco repair or installation contractor for your project, consider checking the following:

  • The number of years the company has been in business.
  • The updated insurance of the contractors.
  • The stucco company’s portfolio or successful projects.
  • The company’s work process, from quotation to clean-up.
  • The terms of payment.
  • The competitiveness of their rates.

The pricing depends on the size of your surface and how mild or severe the stucco damages are. We suggest you get in touch with our St. Petersburg team and schedule a site visit, so we can inspect your property in person and provide you with a fair estimate.

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